Essex Wedding Photographer at the Roslin, Thorpe Bay – Claire & Martin

Who would have thought that this would be the last wedding I did before falling at Schipol airport and breaking my shoulder, rendering me unable to work. Then just as I was able to hold a camera again the Coronavirus dominated our world making weddings impossible and wedding work still impossible.

When I look at these photos of Claire and Martin on their wedding day I realise how lucky we were to have this celebration.
Claire and Martin chose the Roslin as their wedding venue and they were surrounded by loving family and friends. It was packed which made it difficult to get photos so we used the huge mirrors to our advantage using them as a reflective backdrop, lights and colours enhanced the scene. We even attempted a group shot which was a lot of fun and had people laughing. Now it seems unthinkable that so many people could be together in one room.
Claire and Martin look so happy celebrating their wedding day as it should be celebrated with love, laughter friends and family. I look forward to designing their Graphistudio album, it will look gorgeous and it will be my absolute pleasure to present it to such a lovely couple. Congratulations and Best wishes. X